Buried Above Ground


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Brian Knowler, The Huffington Post


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"Blood, Sweat, and Tears Equity: Ben Selkow's 6-Year Odyssey 'BURIED ABOVE GROUND'"

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"BURIED ABOVE GROUND Resonates for Capacity Crowds"

NAMI Monterey County


"Podcast - Beyond the Margin: BURIED ABOVE GROUND"

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"BURIED ABOVE GROUND Helps Audiences Understand PTSD."

Mary Duan, Monterey County Weekly


"PTSD Documentary to get free showings in Marina, Salinas"

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"Digging Out of the Darkness"

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"BURIED ABOVE GROUND Sparks Dialogue, Empowers Audiences"

The Carter Center


"Journalists Gain Insight into Mental Health"

The Carter Center



“Powerful. BURIED ABOVE GROUND will contribute to reshaping the way our society thinks about mental health issues. It will help move viewers and help dispel the myths and misconceptions about PTSD.”

ROSALYNN CARTER, Former First Lady

The Carter Center

“BURIED ABOVE GROUND is a not-to-be-missed, honest and realistic documentary ride that transports viewers into the lives of three very different people affected by PTSD. It powerfully depicts the daily battles they face to confront and recover from traumatic events.”


Mental Health America (MHA)

"BURIED ABOVE GROUND sheds a much needed lens on mental health, the complexity of PTSD, and the diverse struggles individuals face on a daily basis."

Naomi Ranz-Schleifer, Chair

APHA Global Public Health Film Festival

BURIED ABOVE GROUND brings to light PTSD in a real and powerful way, helps dispel stigmas associated with trauma, and allows the audience to see the humanity of those suffering from PTSD.”

Edwin Marticorena, U.S. Army Veteran, Deputy Executive Director

Veterans Transition Center

“This seminal work forces the viewer to recognize the pervasiveness of trauma across identities and experiences, and consequently, the common humanity of those who suffer from it. Ben Selkow takes us into the darker spaces of the emotional self, yet still provides deeply inspiring examples through his chosen subjects that there is light to be found.”

Jimmie Briggs, Co-Founder/Executive Director

Man Up Campaign

“Ben is clearly an artist. His storytelling style is quite powerful. The film will surely pull on your heartstrings. But most importantly, It will give you hope. The kind of hope you will never forget, or leave behind.”

KEVIN HINES, Storyteller, Author, Advocate, Filmmaker

Author of Cracked Not Broken & Director of The Ripple Effect

"BURIED ABOVE GROUND is an intimate and powerful film that naturally generates honest conversations about PTSD and mental-health issues. The dialogue that followed the film's presentation in Monterey County was as intense and as inspiring as the movie itself, a testament to Ben Selkow's vision."

Joe Livernois, President

NAMI Monterey County